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The Holiday Blues

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Authors: Mr & Mrs McLean
Inward Core, THE FIX will like to introduce to you Mr. & Mrs. McLean! They work as a team in the mental health field in Baltimore, Maryland. They are the proud parents of five children. These two have experienced different life challenges, which prompted their desire to help people who suffer in the mental health field. Expect to read blogs from them that will enlighten your perceptions concerning mental health therapy.  They will not show any discrimination, but will provide you with what you need to help you gain your FIX. Please look for more informative posts by this great duo!

The Holiday Blues

Around this time of year many people tend to suffer from a seasonal depression, which is called “The Holiday Blues.” It is a mild form of depression. There is a difference from the blues and depression.

When experiencing the Blues you will have:
    • Feelings may be intense and unsettling, especially if those around are full of holiday cheer.
    • Short-lived - lasting only a few days to a few weeks around the holiday season (prior to or just after).
    • Emotions usually subside after the holiday season and a daily routine is resumed. 

When experiencing Depression you will have:
    • Duration - symptoms are present nearly every day, persist for most of the day for at least 2 weeks
    • Pattern - the symptoms occur together during the same time frame
    • Impairment - the symptoms cause a level of distress or impairment that interferes with important parts of daily functioning including:
  Self care
       Social activities.

The level of functioning may appear to be normal in more mild cases, but it requires markedly increased effort to just maintain the normal level of activity (Van DerZee 1999).
    • Headaches
    • Insomnia - inability to sleep
    • Hypersomnia - sleeping too much
    • Changes in appetite - weight loss or weight gain
    • Agitation and anxiety
    • Excessive or inappropriate feelings of guilt
    • Diminished ability to think clearly or concentrate
    • Decreased interest in activities that usually bring pleasure:
      • Food
      • Sex
      • Work
      • Friends
      • Hobbies
      • Entertainment
However, if these symptoms persist for more than two weeks it could be depression. Depression is serious and can be life-threatening.

Do not worry! Many people experience the Holiday Blues. Actually, more than half of the population experiences these emotions between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
The first thing is to understand the triggers that are causing your feelings. You may have memories of people who are no longer here, family that you may not be able to be with, financial instability, change in your diet, or even weight gain. When dealing with these feelings you have to first understand how and why you have these feelings in order to understand and learn how to cope or deal with them.

Coping with the “Blues” is not as hard as one may think. There are several ways to combat these emotions.
·      If you cannot be with your loved ones try surrounding yourself with positive people. Positive people tend to give off positive energy, which one can absorb and carry with them.
·      When experiencing memories of loved ones who are no longer with you try remembering the good times that you shared and rejoice in having those times. Do not dwell on the fact that they are no longer here but instead be happy that you had them to make those cherished memories.
·      Do not pressure yourself to spend more than you have on gifts. Tis the season of gift giving; this does not mean spend all of your money on gifts and be in a financial bind.     
·      Get out make new friends or volunteer you time to those less fortunate. You can feed the homeless, work at a shelter, or go to a nursing home or hospital and sit with the elderly or an infant.
·      Do not take on more responsibility than you can handle.
·      Try to reconcile your past. Letting go of past experiences will allow you to move forward.  
·      Try talking to your healthcare provider about your symptoms. They maybe able to offer you another form of treatment such as effective light therapy.

Just remember that everyone’s experiences are different and every method does not work for everyone. You have to find the right coping mechanism for you. Please speak with your mental health therapist or doctor to assist you if you are dealing with depression or the Blues if you are feeling overwhelmed. If you are having thoughts to harm yourself please call 911.

Written by:
Nakitta McLean BS CAC-AD (CIT) - 
Jamon Mclean BS CAC-AD (CIT) -

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