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Has Beyonce LOST her MIND? NOPE!!

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Beautiful Bahamas- 3/2013
I received many questions on last week about the song written by the talented artist Beyoncé by email. I was out of town celebrating my 40th birthday and was not aware of her new single, Bow Down. I finally got the chance to listen to it after I returned back to the USA.  The song has a great beat like most of her music, but the end of the song was what I call creepy. I honestly think the purpose of this song was to let others know she is back with new songs and all her “haters” need to recognize she is the best in the game. It’s more of a bragging song, but she was unnecessarily offensive towards women, men, or whomever she consider to be a b***** in order to gain their attention. If my thoughts are correct, she did accomplished her goal, because she did get her "haters" attention. 

However, It could be more than what we hear. I do not have the power to read her mind lol, and I don’t care to read into people motives from their words, but more in how they live. Especially, when I understand her main goal concerning her music is centered on making money off her craft or it’s more of a financial gain. I do not know her, but her real life appears to be about her family and becoming the most well known artist that ever existed on earth.  Maybe she believes singing songs like this will help her with her goals. I look forward in hearing her thoughts about this song. The song sounds like she woke up on the wrong side of the bed and decided to vent. But let me get back to answering your questions.
The main question I received I feel the need to address was from a Social Worker/therapist, “I think Beyoncé is going “crazy,” possessed, or have Dissociative Identify Disorder? PLEASE tell me what you think! She claim to be Beyoncé and in 2008 she introduced us to Sasha Fierce? Plus she stated in an interview that Sasha Fierce take control while she is on stage and most of the time she does not remember half the wild things she does on stage? Answer this question on your Facebook page please!”

My Response:

I purposely try not to address my clients or people with disorders as “crazy.” I only use that when I’m joking about a situation. I honestly don’t think Beyoncé is “crazy.”  She is very creative and studied her target to understand what will sale. I will need to ask more questions to see if she really has a Dissociative Identify Disorder. Yes, based on the information provided she does meet the diagnostic criteria for this disorder in the DSMIV. Meaning, she indicated that she has the presence of two or more distinct identities or personality states. Beyonce' also reported that two of her identities or personality states recurrently take control of her behavior, and we can assume the disturbance of Sasha Fierce is not due to the direct physiological effects of a substance or general medical condition. It is not a Factitious disorder because she has never presented to my knowledge pattern of help-seeking behaviors. If we had to place a name on her situation or I would rule out Dissociative Disorder Not Specified by the fact that Sasha Fierce or Beyoncé experience pathological trace and possession trance symptoms typically describe external spirits and entities that have entered her body. The old folks called it demons!

I hope I answered your question, but please don’t get so caught up with her approaches. If you don’t like what she is doing, stop listening to her music. The more you put her down the more money you are also putting in her pocket and giving Sasha Fierce the attention she desire, especially if you believe she is possessed.  I think she is very talented although I did not like the words to her new song, but I hope the best for her and her beautiful family.

Written by Nancia Leath, MA LPC NCC, Mental Health Therapist, Motivational Speaker, & Mental Health Trainer
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