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Counting the Cost of Not Facing Your Fears - PUSH THROUGH YOUR FEARS

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Fears can be paralyzing and can cause you to become stagnate. We all want to be prosperous and live a good life. If we let our fears interrupt our lives we will never know our potential or see our dreams fulfilled. I agree with Dr. Pooler in that excuses do not change the out come. We make excuses as to why we have not taken the first step to overcome this fear that has paralyzed us. Fear will take control over your life if you do not start with changing your mindset as Dr. Pooler stated in the earlier sessions.

Not facing your fears can be costly.  You may miss an opportunity to reconnect with family or friends and never be able to let them know how you feel. You may loose your job, home, significant other, etc if you don’t face your fears. No one wants to live their life with any regrets ( with any could have’s, should have’s, would have’s, etc). I recently feared going back to school due to the fact that it is costly and that I had not written a paper in almost twenty years. I wanted to stay in the field but I knew that I would have to make a change in order to support my family and their needs. If I had not faced the fear of going back to school and writing the papers it required to accomplish my goal of obtaining a higher degree, I would not be able to do the things I need to do to take care of my family today. I researched universities with accreditation and talked things over with my husband. I made a plan and a choice to change.

Some of us have addictions or may need to change things in your life because your current situation is not healthy. I know it is hard to leave your current situation or may be hard to change your life and leave your addictions behind. If no change is made you may end up in a worse situation or dead. Your life is valuable. You only live once. You deserve to be rewarded with all life has in store for you. It will take perseverance to push forward and make the changes necessary but in the end you will see it is worth it.

Pushing forward even though you are afraid may be hard but the outcomes can be limitless. Once getting past your fears the sky is the limit. You will be more confident in  facing other fears and accomplish goals in your life that you thought you would not reach with your current fears. Also even if you do not accomplish your goal you have at least faced something you feared and know that you can continue to work to getting over that fear. Also surround yourself with positive people that support you and your vision and that you can talk to while you push forward facing your fears.

I agree with Inward Core in that you should make a list of your fears, change your mindset, and work hard at overcoming your fears. Changing your mindset is challenging but it  can be done. I recently watched a DVD called “The Secret”. In that DVD it states that the law of attraction predict what happens in your life. If you walk around thinking negative thoughts, it will result in negative things happening to you. It states in the DVD to believe in what it is you want to happen. Visualize also what you want to happen. Remain positive about what you want to change and it will come. This takes much practice but I believe it will work for anyone. One day I was running late, I was ready to go out of the door when I turned around and my daughter had stuck her hand a big jar of Vaseline. I had to iron her clothes and get her changed. I had to drop off the kids then make it to another county for my appointment. I used the information in the video to remain positive, think about there not being any traffic and that I was not going to be late. I made it to the appointment on time. I smiled and believed the entire time that I was going to make it and it was going to be a good day. Visualize a positive outcome and good things will come to you.

By: Rosalind Harlee, MS, LPC-A, LCAS-A


Now that you have learned the cost and benefits of pushing through your fears Inward Core will like to encourage you to take what Rosalind Harlee, MS, LPC-A, LCAS-A has provided and apply it to your life starting today. Please start off with these easy steps:
  • Identify excuses you have allowed yourself to make. Write down all your excuses in a notebookMake a list of the fears you want to face. Select one fear that you will work on for 21 days. Don't worry about how daunting the fear is, but how you will feel after you accomplish the goal or push through your fear. This may take some thinking. For an example, you may want to approach more strangers, but don't feel comfortable. An excuse you may use is "They don't care what I have to say." or  "I don't want anyone else to hurt me."  
  • Beside each excuse write down an action step(s) you can take to get rid of the excuse. Ex. "I will start off by speaking to people who get on the elevator with me in the mornings at work." or "I will purposely go to different events, speak to 2 people, and collect their information."
  • Assign a date of when you will take the action step(s)
  • Talk to someone about your fears/excuses and the steps you are willing to take to push through your fears (Please select a person that will support you and not inform others). 
  • Celebrate ALL steps you take in order to help you push through your fears (even the small ones).
Please send Inward Core an email of any fears you decided to Push Through or email us if you need more suggestions to help you push through your fears.

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