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I personally believe that there are levels of FEAR and that it can be a process to overcome if it’s deep rooted. One thing that I feared the most was…fear of failure. In all honesty, for years being fearful of failure kept me stressed out, full of anxiety, sleepless nights, and periodically I had acne breakouts that were extremely bad. I feared that I would fail to the point that I would reschedule and/or cancel interviews for jobs. When giving the opportunity to speak in front of people before accepting God’s call for me to be a minister, I would always decline or just not show up. I attended one year of graduate school at Wichita State University in Wichita, KS in the late 90’s. I became very popular and was voted as the SGA treasurer for the Graduate School. The fear of failure over took on a level that I never experienced before. I don’t like being in the spotlight nor do I like a lot of attention drawn to me. Becoming popular in graduate school and elected as the SGA treasurer, drew too much unwanted attention to me. I feared that I would fail in my office and not perform up to my peers’ exceptions. This fear shut me down completely. I never served my office as the SGA treasurer, and relocated to Georgia without communicating it to anyone but my church family at the time, my immediate family, close friends, and a few acquaintances that I met in Wichita, KS.

How I overcame this FEAR… False Evidence Appearing Real; it was a process of: embracing truth in spite of, making a conscience effort to learn, know and understand truth, and daily renewing my mind through God’s word.

The truth was and still is, when you do something from the depths of your heart; not just to be seen, to be praised or for recognition; God will always shine His Light bright on you. The key is to make sure the motives of your heart are pure with no strings attached and that there is no false humility. Another truth I embraced was that I had to stop running from my fears and attack them head on no matter what!!!

I made the conscience effort to learn why I had the fear of failure. I learned that I felt this way because I honestly believed that I wasn’t capable, lacked the “know how”, and was just straight up timid.

I also know and understand the truth is not to allow negative situations, bad experiences, or hurtful/painful things that have happened in my life to cause fear to dedicate my present and my future. Finally, I renew my mind daily and affirm myself through the Word of God.

As of today, anytime I identify a fear that I was unaware I had; I follow this process and overcome the fear 100% each time. Something the process of overcoming the fear happens immediately, and sometimes it takes it a little longer.

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