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Know Who You Are From Your Core

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Today even 70 years old people are trying new things because the world around them is evolving. The designer Ralph Lauren was born Ralph Lifshitz in New York City on October 14, 1939 is a great example of still doing great new things.  This is splendid, because a person of wisdom and a strong mental state understand he/she has to make adjustments here and there when their world changes. However, their inner core may not need alterations if he/she has integrity, self-discipline, compassion, the ability to believe & forgive, endurance, discernment/insight, and unbreakable joy & peace inserted in their foundation. Knowing who you really are from your foundation is critical when trying to adapt and create new changes in the world. The young in mind usually welcome changes, bring the hype, but may not know who they really are from their inner core. Embracing or making changes without knowing where you are from your foundation can be horrendous. There are people who may succeed in a project and make one hundred million dollars but lack self-discipline and longevity so their project and money becomes their past. There are also people who have hesitations or refuse to welcome new life ventures in order to produce more for self and others because they have a hard time believing it’s possible.

Being able to expand our minds to welcome new changes or creating new things that soars is a gift we all should welcome.  The sad thing is many are stuck or only have dreams that don’t come true because of being soaked in fear, jealousy, and judgment. Some people try adapting or create new changes, but have not assessed their strengths or cracks in their foundation to determine if the changes would produce success or setbacks. If we don’t know how to evaluate and correct elements in our foundation, we will be gone with the wind, become a weed, or not able to acclimate with the changes we help create. The key is to make sure we know who we are from our foundation, correct the areas that will prevent us from thriving, and understand what we may need to put on hold until we do what’s needed to strengthen our weak areas.

We can look at our life now or the decisions we make to determine who we really are from our inner core. Let’s take one of the many self-assessments to view our true reflection in our life mirror; don’t worry this is for your eyes-only (some people around you most likely already know:-).  Let’s start off with the first element – Integrity, one we all have to work on consistently.

Integrity Sample Test
Do you do what you say you are going to do? If you can’t do it – will you inform the person with reasons you can’t change?
Do you keep secrets from your spouse? 
If a coworker or friend left early several times unbeknownst to the boss, would you cover for them?
Do you leave your job early without permission or documented time you did not work and still expect to get paid?
If you were over paid on your paycheck or given to much money from a cashier/teller would you let them know?
Have you ever been in a situation where you had to make something sound better than it was?
Do you find yourself desiring what another person has, but instead of getting your own you try to take their client(s), spouse(s,) or friend(s) and do things to discontinue the relationship with the person you stole from and person you gained?
Have you ever called in sick for anything when you weren’t?
Do you go around people when you are sick (contagious disease) or sent your child(ren) to school when he/she was sick (contagious disease) and not warn anyone?

These are just a few sample integrity questions, but hopefully you get the point and can assess where you really are in this category. Hold your head up, because you can always change in this area if you lack integrity or any of the needed elements in order to have a strong foundation. Some of the elements are linked together, for an example in order to maintain unbreakable joy & peace, and compassion we must take steps to gain integrity if we lack it or do what’s needed to maintain it (This may not be true for a person with major depression).  

As a licensed mental health therapist I can’t just end this note with just providing you with an Integrity sample test. I must leave you with a few steps to help you with gaining integrity or maintaining it. Most will have to start off by doing what’s needed to forgive self and gain forgiveness from the people he/she harmed for lacking integrity and not try to blame anyone, their life situation, or their mental health disorder. Most try to blame it on having ADD/ADHD or born poor. If so, this person will remain in this state and always lack integrity. Some of us on the other hand will need to start off by learning how destructive of lack integrity can be; lost of relationships, terminations from jobs, money, quality services, etc.… and then forgive self and seek forgiveness from people we hurt due to our lack. When we are able to take ownership and forgive self, then we are ready for the next BIG step. The next BIG step is to LEARN how to become honest. 

As a parent of three I understand we have to teach our children how to be honest and correct them when they choose not to. I remember my mother teaching me what it means to be honest or have integrity when I decided to steal items when I was six years old and I still make myself not tell "white" lies. So don't feel bad about needing to learn how to be honest regardless of your age.  For some this may take a longer time due to lies or thoughts he/she believes for choosing to live life without integrity. Identifying these thoughts, changing unhealthy friendships, letting go of habits, and rejecting pride/ego are usually hard during most integrity transformation. Most will save time by getting help (an experienced mental health therapist) as they make adjustments, especially if he/she desire long-term changes.

Knowing who you are from your inner core is needed in order to thrive as your world evolves and as you live out your life purpose, regardless of your religion. Life can be a beautiful journey even with people or situations we cannot change if we do what’s needed to have integrity, self-discipline, compassion, the ability to believe & forgive, endurance, discernment/insight, and unbreakable joy & peace inserted in our foundation. Hopefully this note help you prepare for 2014!

Written by Nancia Leath, MA LPC NCC – Professional Licensed Mental Health Therapist, National Certified Counselor, and owner of Inward Core Healthcare Services -

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