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Racism is Killing our Country Slowly...

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“What do you tell your child who is bi-racial (black & white) and trying to ignore jokes from his white friends about Clippers team owner Donald J. Sterling’s statements of not being seen with Black people? I’m tired of this imprudent as a mother who is trying to teach my child to love self, but cruel family members and our stupid society are rejecting people of color. He argues with me and assumes I don’t understand because I’m white. My son is very handsome and intelligent, but lack self-confidence because "his world" is surrounded by rejection and hatred. I honestly believe our entire family needs therapy, especially my son….”

Children, mothers, fathers, uncles, spouse, partners, business owners, or people in general are suffering mentally because of racism. Racism is worst than being shot with a bullet, but similar to dying slowly from an incurable, painful disease. Caregivers should never ignore their children’s mental state or need to seek professional mental treatment if their children are addicted to fading/tanning creams, think one color is better than another, depressed due to rejections of others because of their skin colors, or think it is acceptable to reject people because of their race. It is believed most parents or people in their circle cannot help their children with this type of mental conflict that’s stem from racism because most likely they are also suffering or/and helping insert these negative perceptions.

Harming someone for being born a different color is absurd. There is no sound research or justification to inflict racism, but people are still teaching their children or promoting to the future generations to remain in this cognitive deformity. Fear is the foundation reasoning for racism. Cultural or societal are the roots of racism. In other words, racism is a set of beliefs and behaviors that are learned. The great thing is racism can be unlearned with a lot of help. If you are an adult and deal with racism or think you could possible be prejudice please also get mental health therapy.  Our country is slowing dying as we continue to believe racism is normal, allow media/social-media to insert it daily in ours minds, or believe it is better to ignore it and not do what it is needed to deprogram mindsets.

Written by Nancia Leath, MA LPC NCC – Professional Licensed Mental Health Therapist, National Certified Counselor, and owner of Inward Core Healthcare Services - 
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