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We Are Emotional Sponges

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We all experience moments in our lives that cause us to have emotions of sadness, anger, or fear. But if we are always dealing with negative emotions, we will find ourselves alone. Negative emotions will cause others to keep their distance—even our loved ones—because we all are emotional sponges. We all have the ability to feel and take on the emotions of others. Most people who carry negative emotions in their foundation for a long time usually think people don’t understand them and may encounter a lot of rejection. It is hard for them to identify that their core issue is the negative energies they are releasing. People who know how to deflect free-floating negativities usually can overlook what you give off and seek to understand your “why.”

To be honest, it is not wise for us to be around people who speak negatively about others, who are fearful, angry, or depressed. We need to be around positive people and situations if we desire to thrive. Excellent mental health therapists or mental health providers understand how to deflect and change free-floating negativities. This is why it is important for us to encourage family members, friends, or coworkers to speak with therapists and not try to fix others. Most end up becoming like the person they are trying to fix, especially if he/she never was trained to deal with negative emotions. We don’t want that (smile).

Since we are emotional sponges, it is important that we let go of negative emotions and surround ourselves with mostly positive people and situations. If we go into large crowds, watch a movie, or listen to music that gives off negative emotions, it is very important we get rid of any negative energy we may have absorbed. Below are a few ways to release those negative emotions.

1. Read or listen to things that build you up and speak life to you.
2. Weekly sessions with your mental health therapist.
3. Attend church, empowerment events, or places that focus on feeding your soul and cause you to feel better, accepted, and safe.
4. Make sure you surround yourself with peace and love – forgive others quickly, bless your enemies, release jealously by showing how happy you are for others, use compassion towards yourself and others, don’t feel guilty for not being around people who are negative. Look for people to give to, speak positive about, and with whom you can discuss how you are living out your dreams.
5. Learn to love the person you are today; take steps both individually and with others who believe in you to help you become the person you desire.

Take a moment right now to think about a time in the past in which you have successfully brought yourself back into a positive state and kept negative energy from soaking into you. Was it by one of the methods listed above? These are essential tools for us to use in building a happier and more positive life experience.

Written By Nancia Leath, MA LPC NCC - (c) 5/22/2014 All Rights Reserved

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