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Fertilize Your Grounds…

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We all have things in our lives we enjoy, hate, or love about ourselves. With that being said, there are things in our life we want to change; some people seek modifications and some doubt they can change. This note is for anyone who believes they can change their outcomes or perceptions because they know without doubt anything is impossible. If this is not you, go back under your rock until you are ready, but if this is you - here are a few steps to help you gain your transformation.

1. Identify what you want to change and make sure you are clear. For an example, instead of saying you want to make money, state the amount you need to make without guilt, fear, or anger.

2. Acknowledge your why or purpose for needing the change. Knowing your why is important in order to help you identify with your change. For an example, you may want to make more money because you are about to have another child or you want to feed more people around you that are homeless.

3. Do what it is needed to help you believe it is possible for you. Read other people stories that had achieved what you desire or was able to change their mindsets/emotions. If you got diagnosed with a heart sickness, read and talk to people ONLY who are still living and not focus on stories of people who died. Another popular way to help you believe is by imagine (visualize) your change in order for you to feel the emotions of the change. This usually increases your passion and helps you attach an emotion (s) to help you push through during difficult times. Ways to help you believe and visualize your change are by writing, drawing, thinking, or verbalizing at least 5 to 7 times a day of how you will feel when you are _____________. If it’s something you know it is impossible to change about your life, like a family member or a bad decision you made in your past, write about or verbalizing a few times of how you forgave the person or yourself, ways you will bless the person, and how you are living differently today.

4. Take time to figure out how you will make the changes. Please seek a good therapist or coach to assist you with this process. Most people try to do this before they are able to believe & picture it and find themselves rejecting what they seek. The grounds of their minds and hearts are not ready to produce changes if they have not taken the time to fertilize it, so the best counseling, coaching, money, support, wisdom, word of knowledge, or whatever it is needed to push them forward will fail or dry up. 

5. Remove distractions that will stop you from taking action steps, visualizing, and believing in your change. People and lack of resources are usually the main distractions. The people closest to you will judge your choices if they have their own perceptions of you or really don’t understand your purpose. The key is to know thyself and not believe others’ perceptions about you. Know God is your source and do what it is needed to prepare for what you need in order to bring forth your change. Plus be able to disguise a distraction from a warning.

These steps may appear easy, but not always for the person that’s seeking change. Most get stuck on step 4, because there are so many doors to knock on in order to gain help. Everyone can give you their formula, but all formulas will not work for you if you have certain standards or belief systems. For an example, one person may be comfortable stealing or lying to others in order to sale their products, but if you don’t believe in stealing or stretching the truth that formula will not work for you. Don’t get caught up in the hype or the next best thing, but look for consistency, integrity, and outcomes from books, counselors, coaches, or whatever you decide to use to help make changes in your life.

Maintain hope, do what it takes to prepare for the changes you desire or need, and know your best and brightest days are ahead of you.

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