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Practice Makes Permanent NOT Perfect

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Most of you heard the old saying “practice makes perfect.” I disagree with this old adage, because it is very possible to practice the same thing wrong repeatedly with no change. Do you know someone who have been cooking for years and their food still taste terrible or someone who think negatively for years and their thinking patterns have not improved? I do and most likely you do also. I smile when a client say to me, “It’s been 10 years and he is still trying to treat me like I’m his mother. I’m not his slave…”, “I’m 37 years old and my life has not improved!” or “She is 48 years old and she is still have crying, complaining, or screaming tantrums when things don't go her way.” My question to my clients is “Why should your life change if you have been doing the same_______ for years?” The famous response is “Because overtime I or my marriage suppose to improve!!"

According to Hunter (2004) for practice to improve performance there are four conditions that must be met.

1. The person must want to improve or change his/her behaviors

2. He/she needs all the knowledge necessary to understand the difference ways that the new information or skill can be applied

3. The initiate must understand how to apply the knowledge to deal with a particular situation

4. He/she needs to be able to analyze the results of the application and know what needs to be changed to improve performance in the future.

The therapist plays a big part with the knowledge, application process, teaching all involved how to analyze the results, and identifying what needs to be changed to improve performance in the future. The person who desires the change will need to maintain the motivation to change, apply the tools provided, and belief they can change. The truth of the matter is practice makes permanent…

Written By: Nancia Leath, MA LPC NCC - All Rights Reserved (c) 2014

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