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DON'T STOP DOING Dream Boards or New Year Resolutions!

Posted at   11:16 AM  |  in   Lifestyles are some of you who decided not to create a new vision board or write out goals because you did not gain anything on your vision boards or accomplish your goals last year. Some of you are in the same exact place you were the year before and maybe stepped backwards a few steps. You don’t care to hear or read anything about New Year Resolutions or how others had success with their visions boards. Your decision not to have goals for each year make a lot of sense, especially if you did not accomplish anything on last year. However, this is how a person who lives in doubt thinks.

WATCH PODCAST:  DON'T STOP DOING Dream Boards or New Year Resolutions!

Doing vision boards, writing out goals, or creating New Year Resolutions are very valuable because they are excellent tools to teach you how to dream, but not guarantee to give you your dreams. DON’T STOP DOING your vision boards, writing out your goals, New Year Resolutions, or declaring with words what you what to happen in your life, because you need to continue to dream. You need to be able to visualize yourself doing or having what you desire in your life and is one of the FIRST steps of accomplishing your goals, but this is not the ONLY step.

There are more steps and principles you need to learn in order to accomplish what you desire in your life. Yes, there have been situations where people just thought of things and it happened instantly, but many of you lack insight, determination, and have a higher doubt level and need assistance. However, you can reach any goal you desire because the sky is truly the limit. This is not just a saying, but the truth for many and it can be for you too. Look around you, we are able to fly in airplanes and by 2020 or sooner many families will have flying cars. This did not happened because a person JUST drew an airplane or flying car on their vision board, made it one of their goals, or declared it with words. It happened because 1) a person was able to draw it on their vision board (dream it), 2) had the insight with trial and error of the steps of creating the airplane or flying car, and 3) determination to complete the steps (feed their faith and crushed their fears).

WATCH PODCAST:  DON'T STOP DOING Dream Boards or New Year Resolutions!

Many of you know and have been encouraged to dream, but lack the faith or don’t know how to feed your faith to help you gain the insight and maintain determination. Most of you only know how to feed your doubt (fears) and not your faith. I want to help you FEED YOUR FAITH and CRUSH your fears as your Inward Core Life Coach not mental health therapist. I can provide Inward Core Life Coaching to anyone by using the Internet. I want to warn you, it will not be easy depending of where you are concerning your doubt level. You will need to do the assessment to determine your faith level and doubt level. I have tools to help you learn how to feed and maintain your faith. If you will like more information and need help with Feeding Your FAITH and Crush your fears please email me at

Please do what it takes to have a life changing year and not just HOPE for a life change year!

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WATCH PODCAST:  DON'T STOP DOING Dream Boards or New Year Resolutions!

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