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Be Brave Enough To Accept Self...

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There are people who desire acceptance from others, but have not taken the time to learn how to accept self. We are living in a world where the  masses are being controlled by the opinions of those with great influence. People who have money, popularity, or authority figures are usually telling people how to live their lives and what they should and not like. For an example, we are now seeing a lot of Atlanta/Hollywood performers (actors, singers), stylish athletes, and even CEOs sporting meticulously groomed beards. The airbrush makeup will be the next trend that’s coming out for the commoners to use in their homes, but something celebrities had as an option for years. What you should do in your bedroom is being influenced by short commercials shown on your television or sponsored ads on your social media.

Many are so spellbound and have given up their freedom to think, all for the sake to fit in with their communities.  This is an example of how the process work in order for many to jump on the bandwagon. The goal in this example is for people to change how they feel about their pets. The steps are thought out...
1) People in "authority" will start off proclaiming we should try having sex with our pets because they are so loyal.
2) Psychologists will find a way to add their two cent, by stating our pets have feelings like humans so having intercourse with your pets will be healthy.
3) Then a well known scientist will do research to show we can have a strong emotional connection in order to help promote this cause.
$) The next new Broadway play will also center around or help you accept this mindset by focusing on a marriage of a dog and a human.
6) You will talk about it in a bad way, then joke about it, but it becomes the "new" thing for you to try out because your life is so bored (no purpose)
7)  Having sex with your pets becomes the norm for many locations around the world, except for a few places like China.

I know this example may sound extreme or appear insane, but this is the process of how our world is introducing different values for you to accept. It is clear people have no idea who they are or their purpose.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with changing your style, I change my wigs all the time like I do my shoes. I'm not telling you who you need to have sex with, because that's between you and God. You can have sex with your pillow at the end of the day if this is something you KNOW you was created to do based off your Creator (God).  So in other words, if you are changing how you look, accepting behaviors, changing your values, having sex with anything that causes your body to jump after watching a tv show, or buying items based off what people think, you will evidently lose yourself and find yourself not having any boundaries. Your decisions will be driven by what others like and you will lose the sense of how to even figure out your likes and dislike on your own. Selling your soul, time, or relationships will no longer be an option you fear, because it will be something you volunteer to do without even knowing it until you close your eyes forever.

This note was not written to put you down or encourage you to go against laws, but for you to understand and pay close attention to why you live and do. Take time to think about what PURPOSE your life is linked to. Forgive yourself for things you are shameful about, take steps to change, and don't let people beat you down about it. Love the flaws you can't change or honestly out of your control with no complaints, if you have long feet love those long feet. Stay true to yourself, even if it's popular or rejected my those who are different. 

If you can only get to the place where you BELIEVE you are valuable because God loves you, you will no longer gain purpose in getting the latest car, shoe, new sex moves, get rich fast idea, drug, tattoo, or hottest phone in order to fit in and help you feel valuable.

I'm waiting for the day mental health becomes a trend or the thing to do. Well, I take that back, I can't wait until all people understand their value and want to please their Creator first...

It's another year... don't lose yourself...don't just know OF God, but take time to KNOW God and then you will be able to know who you really are and become brave enough to accept yourself completely.

Written by Dr. Nancia

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