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Coping With Discrimination

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Witnessing discrimination while watching the news can be an impact on a person's psychological health the same way a person who experienced it personally. These events can elicit responses similar to post traumatic stress. According to Mayo clinic Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that's triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it.

Action Steps to maintain psychological health:

Please take time to practice self-care or coping mechanisms to alleviate some of the negative effects of discrimination-related stress and trauma. Ignoring how you feel or what's happening will not be the best way to cope.

-Don't isolate yourself from people during this time, but purposely spend time with people who honestly appreciate you as a person.

-Face it by asking people in your life who are apart of the majority if they discriminate against people. Make sure your demeanor is calm. The key is to not assume all people think the same way, but you need to know who are for you or teaching your children.  If people in your life let you know they do discriminate or think they are better than others for whatever reason, don't be afraid to remove yourself or children out of that environment if they desire or have the power to cause harm and no one can stop him/her.  This empowers you to seek or create and help you maintain a healthy self-esteem.

-If you are in the majority, purposely take time to let people who are being discriminated know you do not believe in hatred, you believe all people are created equally, and want the best for all people, especially if you are a teacher or being paid to help others. People need to know you are safe, you will do what it is needed to protect, and will not cause harm. If you are not willing to say or protect, please remove yourself from environments that include people you will discriminate against and seek mentally help to process your hatred and take steps to get rid of it. Know you can change, regardless of your age.

- Talk about how it causes you to feel, the good and the bad in a safe place. Try not to state your hurt or frustrations on social media if you're not willing to accept the consequences.

-Volunteer in your communities and remind people they are loved and needed and encourage them to overcome hatred with love or positive actions. Run from HATE, it's very unhealthy mentally and physically.

-Purposely take time to pray and forgive all those who discriminate, don't allow hatred to consume you due to disappointment, fear, angry, frustrations, or rejections.

-If you can't forgive, maintain anxiety/fear, nightmares, night terrors, uncontrolled thoughts about the situation, angry towards the majority, want to cause harm, or somatic flashbacks please speak with a mental health provider to help you process your feelings and learn coping mechanisms to help you move forward.

There are more relevant, healthy things you can do in order to maintain psychological health, but hopefully these few help you move forward in order to cope with discrimination.

Written by Dr. Nancia

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