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Coping With Discrimination In The Classroom

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There are students who have difficulties thriving because of teachers who judge them and put things in place to make sure they fail in the classroom. Many are being discriminated because of their race, gender, mental health diagnoses, or disabilities. It is happening in all grade levels, from elementary to college and most students have no idea in how to cope, regardless of their age. Those who are not discriminated may say this is no longer happening because of the implementation of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. According to this principle, children shall be assessed fairly so that they can be placed in appropriate classes. Although these laws are in place in the United States, there are still many educators who continue to set students up to fail because of their differences. As a mental health provider and trying to do what is needed to provide care to those who have been discriminated in this type of setting has prompt me to write this post.  Please be aware this is not just happening to non-white youth, but girls/women are being overlooked in the classroom by their male teachers or children with disabilities are being isolated from youth in general education classes, although laws are in place to help prevent this from happening.

How do you cope?

1. For youth under the age 18 will need someone in their life who will help the student believe and understand their differences are not wrong or bad if they cannot be removed out the situation. One main problem with discrimination is that people can internalize others’ negative beliefs, even when they’re false. Youth and adults may start to believe they are not good enough. But family and friends can remind them of their worth and help them reframe those faulty beliefs. It is important for parents to provide youth with different examples of people who looks like them in their community (family member, friends, or neighbors) who are doing well, even after going through discrimination. Adults will need to focus on your core values or who you are as a person and do what it is needed to not believe what the educator is attempting to do. Understand that educator may hinder you for a short period of time if you cannot remove yourself, but don't allow the negative goal of the person towards you come forth. Do what it is needed to help you know that person is just another distraction or challenge and may not be your last, but will not determine your future.

2. Youth or the adult will need to believe or be aware that they are not the one with the problem, but the teacher/educator have the problem and there are positive ways to address the person who think it is fine to discriminate.

3. Do what is needed to not become offended, but understand those who discriminate others for whatever reasons  have been taught to be this way based on their environment and responding from a place of fear and hatred.

4. Seek professional help. Discrimination can be very difficult to deal with, and is often associated with symptoms of depression and anger. You are not mentally weak, because of what you feel by the actions of others, but it shows that you are human. How you address your feelings are the keys to your success. Mental health providers are experts in helping people manage symptoms of stress, anger, and depression, and can help you find healthy ways to cope.

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