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Live in The Moment, BUT Know The Future

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Most people can't live in the moment or visualize the future because they are stuck in their past.  Many people are expressing how they are emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically drained the moment they open their eyes from rest. If you have the same goals for the past two or ten years and you are not doing anything to move forward or end up in the same place when you do try to take steps you are stuck.  Mental health counseling is the key to help you move forward and not be stuck.

You may say you are living in your moment and like where you are as an excuse for not achieving goals you had two  or five years ago. To be honest there is nothing wrong with that, but later in life you may regret not taking risks or steps to fulfill your dreams. If you are taking steps towards your dreams, enjoying where you are or your current life moment, and know your future steps you are in a great place.

By being in this place you will know what questions to ask. You will know what type of people you need to be around to thrive with and give to. Your conversations will include not just what you did in the past, but what you enjoy today, and how excite you are concerning your future. Many of you are not having these types of conversations or thoughts because you are stuck in your past.  If your answer to any of the questions below are yes for any reason it is a strong possibility that you are STUCK and need to continue to read on how to become unstuck.

1. Your conversations always lead to what happened to you in your past or what you did to achieve this or that yesterday.

2. You remember only the bad things people say and do to you, and if they try to do something good you are wondering their why.

3.  You don't want to include more in your circle, because of fear of getting hurt or thinking only a few people can understand you.

4. You have behaviors you are not willing to change even though they are defeating you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

5. Instead of assuming the best about others, you focus mainly on their worst, and create excuses for their good elements.

6. You always talking about how things use to be done, but not willing to hear about how things can change or be done differently.

7. You don't feel valued, loved, or understood, because people around you disagree with you or walk out your life.

8. You don't want to listen to a person because of their gender, race, or age.

9. You can't make decisions

10. You don't feel like getting up, finding out, or doing what's needed to help you thrive in general.

11. No one can understand how you feel, because they didn't experience what you went through.

12. You continue to do the same behaviors you hate about yourself, but believes no one can help you and think you was just meant to be this way.

13. One person or this/that person can ONLY help you.

14. You believe -"Life will be better if I had a lot of money or had this person in my life."

15. You believe another person is the reason you are defeated.

16 You make excuses about things, people, or how you feel for not following through.

There are more, but this is enough for you to identify if you are stuck or not. The great thing is you don't have to remain STUCK. Many people have realized they were stuck and did what was needed to get back in their wonderful, life race.

1. Let's start off my saying aloud "I don't have to remain stuck to_________________ (whatever experience/thing that has you hung up).

2. Think about why you need to move forward and all you have loss by remaining in the same place (physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally).

3. Provide yourself with self-care.

4. Identify and acknowledge the pain, anger, or confusion you maybe dealing with concerning your past. (You may find yourself crying or beating up your pillow - this is great because you need to get it out, but in a way that won't cause harm to self or others)

5. Forgive yourself for allowing or being forced for whatever happened to you.

6. Forgive anyone and let go of any resentment that cause you to suffer in any way.

7. Accept this has happened to you, you have decided to move on and lstart a new chapter in your life.

8. Name your new chapter or future - this is where you identify what you want to do next concerning a job, relationships, or whatever you want to change in your life and create new memories.

9. Create your plan with practical steps and go for it. This maybe hard at first because you will be changing habits and thoughts that caused you to be stuck. Think about getting counseling or a life coach to help you push through. But remember while you are taking steps towards your dreams, enjoying where you are or your current life moment, and be confident concerning your future.

Expect a beautiful future ....

Written By Dr. Nancia Leath

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