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There is a Difference Between Mental Care and Spiritual Care

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There are a lot of people who think they are taking care of their mental care because they take care of their spiritual care. This is so far from the truth. There are known pastors and their family members who have died due to suicide around the world. There are a lot of Christians, Muslims, or people who attend church or spiritual gatherings who have mental diagnoses even though they maybe spiritually strong. This doesn't make them less than or better, it's just another fact many refuse to acknowledge or distinguish. Especially those who pay a lot of attention to their spiritual care.


Today, please be more aware there is a difference in how you care for yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically. Please know it is possible for people who are in spiritual leadership to be very sick mentally and never took the time to care for themselves mentally because of lack of knowledge. It is a reason why some want to control your lives and want to treat you like their "sheep." It is a reason why some want to promote hate and division between others who are different. It is a reason why some find themselves sleeping with many women or men. It is a reason why they may not take a break, even though their doctors may stress or encourage them to do so because of their physical health. It is a reason why they maybe become depressed or anxious when things are not going like they planned. It is a reason why they may emotionally eat or drink. The list goes on and on, but hopefully you get the idea of what mental health consist of. This post is not to discredit, disrespect, or demote their 'status.' They just need to be more aware of the need to understand the difference of mental and spiritual care so they can stop causing harm to self and others in their communities. The sad thing is they teach these negative behaviors or people who respect them mirror the same behaviors and emotions.  

There are people who are physically strong but weak spiritually and mentally. Spiritual care does not take care of mental care, just like physical care doesn’t take care of spiritual care. You have to care for each one differently. A church service may not help you physically. Most of you enter your service with diabetes or over weight and leave with diabetes or over weight, but you go to your medical doctor/gym to help you control it. I am a strong believer God is the ONLY ONE that can heal you in all areas. However, you need to assess yourself often in all areas and get the help you need in order to maintain health.
I wrote a book 2 years ago about the importance of self-care (view below). Spoke at many places in the USA and internationally concerning self-care. Today it does my heart good to write a post that many will see. I beg you, please don’t just take care of yourself spiritually and physically, please also take care of yourself mentally…. some of you are hurting yourself and a lot of people because you are mentally sick… please get help! Take that break. Reset each week. You are not super humans…

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