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Nancia Leath at Universal Studio 1st Time

I will never forget when my husband and I went with six other couples to Universal Studio and they teased me for being afraid to get on a roller coaster. My poor little feelings were hurt.  One person said, “You can help everyone else, but you are afraid to get on a ride, pray yourself out of this one lol.” They said other things, one of them even created a chant, but that statement stuck with me. I tried to maintain a firm face expression as I was crying from within. I was not bothered by what they were doing, because I knew they were playing. But their words went against how God created me to help others, which prompt emotional pain. My husband decided not to get on the ride and waited with me. He did not know what to say, but he saw the pain in my eyes. The next day he informed all of them never to speak to me that way again. They all apologized and I forgave them, but I was upset with myself for being afraid. I told myself the next time I go to a park with roller coasters I will not be afraid to get on the rides or allow any fears to stop me.

Nancia Leath at Universal Studio 2nd Time

This past year my family and I went to Universal Studio and we came to the ride those couples picked on me about. My husband stated he did not want to get on the ride, because he did not want me to feel bad about being afraid to do it. I surprised him and said, “No, lets all do it, I need to face this roller coaster “The Mummy.” We waited in line for a while, my daughters and my husband were excited, but my son and me were not. I was sweating on my nose and underarms. My heart was beating so fast as they locked me down in the ride. I knew I could not turn back after the ride started moving. I held my husband and son’s hands as I said to myself “God has not given me the spirit of fear, but power, love, and a sound mind.” Then I looked in front of me and saw my daughters laughing, as we were being jerked up, down, and side-to-side. I saw a man beside my youngest daughter; he was completely bent over, with his head in between his arms. My daughter had her arms in the air and hit him by mistake, but he did not feel it because he was paralyzed by his own fear. The next thing I knew we were coming to an end and my son quickly said “LET’S DO THIS AGAIN!!” I replied, “OK, the last one in line is a rotten egg!!” I jumped off the roller coaster and ran to get in line.  My husband grabbed me and said, “Bookie (Baby) you are a true fighter!” That week I pushed through my fears and road The Mummy and many other roller coasters over and over again.  

I had a few years to mental prepare myself to push through the fear of riding the roller coasters before doing it. These past weeks Inward Core or I provided you with application steps with most of the stories you read to do the same with your fears. Those steps will work with any fears if we understand the root of our fears. Learning the roots of our fears are where many get hung up and may need mental health therapist or provider’s assistance. I realized my fear of getting on roller coasters had to do with my fear of dying and not being in control of preventing my death. I experienced different events to happen after my first trip to Universal Studios to allow me to know without doubt my life was in God’s hand and not my own. The second time on the roller coaster, I got on it with trust in God and reminded myself, God has not given me the spirit of fear but a sound mind, power, and love (Self-Talk).  I decided to no longer let that fear stop me. I felt like a new person and learn from that situation to acknowledge all my fears, don’t allow them to control me, and take steps, as I trust God to protect and lead me. I PUSH Through fears EVERYDAY this way!!!

Nancia Leath, MA LPC NCC, 
Founder/CEO Inward Core Healthcare Services


Inward Core will like to encourage you to take what Nancia Leath, MA LPC NCC has provided and apply it to your life starting today. Try these easy steps:
  • Make a list of the fears you want to face. Select one fear that you will work on for 21 days. Don't worry about how daunting the fear is, but how you will feel after you accomplish the goal or push through your fear. This may take some thinking. For an example, you may want to approach more strangers, but don't feel comfortable. An excuse you may use is "They don't care what I have to say." or  "I don't want anyone else to hurt me." 
  • Identify the root cause of your fears - you may need assistance with this step so please contact a mental health provider to help you identify your rood causes.
  • Beside each excuse write down an action step(s) you can take to get rid of the excuse. Ex. "I will start off by speaking to people who get on the elevator with me in the mornings at work." or "I will purposely go to different events, speak to 2 people, and collect their information."
  • Assign a date of when you will take the action step(s)
  • Talk to someone about your fears/excuses and the steps you are willing to take to push through your fears (Please select a person that will support you and not inform others). 
  • Celebrate ALL steps you take in order to help you push through your fears (even the small ones).
Please send Inward Core an email of any fears you decided to Push Through or email us if you need more suggestions to help you push through your fears.

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