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ONLY Accept STRESS - FREE Holidays!

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Holidays can be one of the most stressful times for anyone. Especially for people who have not met their yearly expectations, broke (no money), made billions of dollars, having a baby, or increase in clients. Any kind of stress have a way to take a toll of our health and can lead to heart disease, depression, obesity, high blood pressure, anxiety and increase of substance abuse. The escalation of people in hospitals due to physical and mental issues during this time of year allows us to see life is not perfect and many have a lot of stress.

Before you pop extra pills, buy more items, or increase your food intake to manage your stress during the Holidays try these few effective natural stress reducers. 

1. Massage
Schedule for a professional massage now! During the month of November, December, and January schedule at least four massages. Schedule one massage in the month of November, two in December, and one in January. Try having them done one week before holiday starts and after. If you are surprised about this suggestion, close your mouth and know you are behind because massages have been used as a stress reliever for thousands of years. Massages are like a miracle for the mind, especially after your tense muscles are relaxed, helps reduce pain and improve circulation. Have you had a massage this year? If not, please schedule one ASAP!

2. Schedule time daily to ReSet Yourself
Our minds never stop if we are honest unless we command it. Schedule a time by using your phones daily to remind yourself to stop and ReSet yourself by taking at least 10 deep breaths. Don’t allow yourself to think on negative thoughts during this time. Think only on positive thoughts after each breath. For an example – Take a deep breath from your nose, release the air out your mouth, and then say, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Say whatever you like, but make sure it is something that will increase your hope, peace, joy, and love. This suggestion will help you release stress from within, it’s priceless, and it will also benefit you after the Holidays. Start ReSetting yourself now – it’s FREE!

3. FUN Exercises
Try to do exercises during this time that will cause you to laugh. Yes, LAUGH!! Play basketball/football/video games with friends who enjoy clowning around or take a workout class that has great music and make you feel wonderful. Attend a church or event that involve dancing! DANCE Hard! Run to music that causes you to smile and give you peace, love, and joy. Select times where you exercise alone too in order to release any thoughts that are causing stress. Remember exercise releases endorphins into the brain, which improves your mood! 

4. Talk to Somebody!
Most people avoid their counselors or anyone who encourage them to make positives changes during the Holidays. However, after the holidays a lot of people are running to their counselors to help get back on the right track because of the damage from their intensive stress.  Most people in this state usually have an addiction disorder, defiant, deals with depression, immoral, and/or have a personality disorder. It will be best that you schedule a weekly session with your mental health provider or whoever helps you remain on the right track and help fight your overwhelming temptations.

5. Eat healthy
The yummy cakes, candies and pies are usually everywhere during the Holidays. Most people forget their commitment to eat healthy and find themselves eating a lot of junk. Junk food is not good, because it is known to make us depressed and causes us to get fat. Think about what you are eating and why even during the Holidays. Holidays are not an excuse to eat foods that will take away your long-lasting energy, increase your anxiety, make you fat, and fog your mental state. Run to the veggies and dip at parties!

6. Sleep
Sleep is usually the last thing on most people’s list during the Holidays. We all know when someone does not get enough sleep; they are usually irritable, on edge or cranky. Too much sleep can leave us sluggish and depressed. Do what’s needed not to sleep too much or too less. If you go to a Christmas party or religious services that last until 3 am, make sure you sleep at least 5-8 hours after the event. Get REST!!

7. Give
Giving to others is the most important natural stress reducer of them all when it’s done from a pure heart. Find someone to give to who can never pay you back. Give life, by donating blood. If you are depressed, find a soup kitchen and feed the homeless or select a child to give toys to. Send letters/candy to our soldiers and tell them how thankful you are for them. Be around people who need you and refuse to be alone. Visit the elderly and do their nails, bring a gift, do a play, or sing to them a song. Focus only on making people around you happier by doing kind acts. Refuse to focus on what you don't have during this time of year; this is very toxic to you mentally and physically.

Written By Nancia Leath, MA LPC NCC - Mental Health Therapist - National Certified Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor - Owner of Inward Core Healthcare Services -

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