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How to determine the Weak-Minded from the Strong-Minded

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Majority of us will catch ourselves admiring people with charisma or appear “different” than expected instantly or desiring a relationship or employee because of how well a Mr or Mrs Perfect can dress, beauty, intelligence, or speak without really getting to know him/her. Then later on we are asking ourselves how in the world did we even connect or admire such character. Why? Because many don’t know how to determine who is weak minded or strong mentally.

Yes we can tell ourselves the person-changed overtime, but most likely we overlooked different things in the beginning. We were so blind by what we liked/loved about the person in the moment. Or only allowed self to see people from one angle and not determined from the beginning what was embedded into the person’s core. The instant something negative happens that gives us a repulsive taste about the person, we find ourselves only being able to focus on their ruthlessness and forget why we were opened to accept him/her in the first place.

How we are mentally will determine our responses. The strong-minded learn from the situations and don’t hold grudges, but the weak-minded tell others how terrible the person was for negative reasons, don’t learn how to assess a person to prevent from joining with the same type of people in the future.

Change your face expression to a smile if your lips have not curved up yet, because this will be a note you’ll be able to use today and 20 years from now. The prideful will say, “I know this already,” but will be the first to show signs of being weak mentally. This note has nothing to do with determining if a person has a mental disorder, but more if a person has the ability to be supportive and have the ability to grow as a person. Please know the mentally strong have the ability to grow as a person and support others during the process, it does not matter if he/she has a documented mental disorder or not. Here are a few things to try in order to help you determine if a person is weak or strong-minded.

1. Purposely tell people how great you or your businesses are doing and give them time to respond. They are either going to 1) congratulate you, want to learn more, and won’t say anything about themselves unless you ask or 2) Quickly tell you congratulations or don’t say it at all, but only tell you how great or bad they are doing and center the conversation about themselves. Please know a weak-minded person has a HARD time with celebrating with others, acknowledge others’ good qualities or accomplishments, and will do what’s needed to compete or take credit for something he/she did not do.

2. Listen to a person to see if he/she is still living in their “glory days.” If he/she is talking about how things use to be and those days are better than who he/she is today, most likely this person is stuck. It’s hard for a person in this mental state to grow, because he/she is looking only at their past instead of using what was acquired in the past to create a better future.

3. If a person expect others to change their situation because he/she is not willing to do what’s needed to help self, this person is weak minded. For an example, a person know something is not right with their car/health/life situation, but have health insurance, money to fix car, or resources to have a better life but only can provide lame excuses for not taking steps to make modifications, but waiting for someone else to step up or do it for them. This person is far from being mentally strong.

4. If person always complaining, nagging, or becoming depressed/angry about things he/she can’t change most likely this person is mentally weak. Why waste time complaining about how hot the sun is, how their parents treated him/her different 20 years ago, or refusing to enjoy life because he/she lost their leg ten years ago? Rebuffing to see the good around them and declining to take actions steps to make a better world for self and others is another form of instantly.

5. If a person always winning about how others leave him/her out or how others don’t appreciate what he/she offers and remain in the situation or don't do anything to change the situation needs help. This person is most likely is weak-minded, especially if he/she is not preparing to make changes or remove themselves out the situation.

6. A person know he/she lack self-discipline and not do what’s needed to learn ways to control their behaviors or emotions, but blame others for making him/her respond negatively, unless it’s physical self-defense this person is mentally weak. It does not matter if a person has the ability to create or attract millions.

7. If a person needs items, look a certain way, or have “certain” friends to feel valuable or important. This is not success but a person who is weak minded. Strong-minded people know he/she is valuable because of their existence.

8. A person who believes he/she is better than others because of their experience, what he/she may know, or what he/she obtain is mentally weak. This person usually criticism others or become angry with others for doing things differently or not fast enough. Find themselves using the word "should" all the time. Always focus on the negative things about others without providing assistance. He/She believes they are only valuable because of what they know and ability to do more than others. This person can be very abusive verbally.

Hopefully this note will help you make a few changes too in order to become stronger mentally. No one has to remain in this state; it’s truly a choice. A mentally-strong person is able to grow and support others outside their circle, without the fear of being hurt, but with hope of living out their life purpose.

Written by Nancia Leath, MA LPC NCC Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Owner of Inward Core Health Care Services -


Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from my Family to Yours!

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  3. Awesome! You have written a very important fact here. I agree with you that most of the people don't know how to determine who is weak minded or strong mentally. You helped me a lot publishing this article. Thanks.


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