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How Are You Doing?

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One of my clients years ago asked me “why people asked how people are doing when they really don’t want to know or have the time to find out?” For an example, her husband walks in a room where she is, glances at her for a hot second, eyes focused on his cell phone, and mumbles “How are you doing sweetheart?’ Her reply, “I was in a car accident, and my lower back is hurting, should I go to the hospital?” His reply was “That’s great, I’m happy you are doing good, my day was great also. Let me make this phone call and I will tell you all about it at dinner.” She throws a plastic cup at him and knocks him in the head; he screams “Are you crazy? Did you see your therapist TODAY? I just wanted to know how you were doing.” Her response, “Yes and my therapist told me to give you a test to see if you were really listening to me, I now PROVED my point!

Do you find yourself asking people how they are doing, but really don’t want to know? The best way to handle this is not to ask, “How are you doing?” unless you really want to know and have time to listen to the details. For some people it takes a lot of self-discipline to listen to another person express their true feelings, especially if the person listening has a negative perception about the person or thinks the person talks a lot. Most of the time when this happens, people, believes they already know what the person is going to say. However, if you want to improve your relationships, listen to a person without judgments and respond to the person based on what they need from you.

If you have a lot on your mind or the person you are speaking to have something between their teeth or showing a lot of cleavage and you are having a difficult time listening be honest and let the person know you can’t talk right now or they have something on their teeth. Don’t put the blame on the person, because in all honesty it is you with the problem of not being able to focus, but end your conversation by encouraging them to take care of him/herself or how you hope the best for them. This may sound cheesy, but it is better than faking or pretending you are listening when you’re really not.

So if you don't want to know how a person is doing, don't ask, just say Hi! 

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