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Do You Need Stimulation?

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The year is almost over and hopefully you have accomplished a lot of your goals. If you have, your stress level should be very low and you are excited about life. Most likely you are posting pictures on social media of your progress so your dear social friends can celebrate with you. It's awesome to see pictures of others before and after of their weight loss, watch the joy of others having successful businesses, enjoy seeing others go on fun adventures, feeling proud for others for quiting smoking/drinking, or others being thankful for becoming stronger spiritually, emotionally, or mentally.  Social media allows us to see many people living life in how they want to while crossing items off their life list or bucket list.

However there are many of you who have created a vision board, wrote out your goals, or told others your goals and still stuck on your first goal and in the same place you were on January 1, 2016. This note was not written to condemn you in anyway. You honestly don't need that today in order to thrive or live out your life list. This note is to encourage you not to give up on yourself or beat yourself up, because seeing others thrive and accomplishing their goals can prompt depression, anger, envy, or jealousy. 

These feelings are powerful! Why? Because most people in this state find themselves feeling uncomfortable and figure out ways of how not to be around people who are productive.  The best approach when you hear or see people on your social media or in your life accomplishing their goals is to become excited for them!!! This is like the best time to celebrate, dance, and be merry.  These actions increases your faith, helps your relationship, and shows you are truly a good person to be around. However, many decide to think productive people are "trying" to do to much, complain of how they think people who are accomplished think they are better than others, or expect successful people to give to them some of what they have earned. 

This is not you, but if you know someone who think this way, please encourage him/her to use their energy to only think about good, positive, and happy thoughts about the person who have achieved their goals. Invest your time in order to understand their drive, insight, and attitude. Don't judge their whys to make yourself feel better if you notice something you dislike. Nor compare yourself to their weaknesses or strengths, but take time to let them know you choose to be happy and how he/she inspire you to move forward. This mindset will help change negative attitudes or thoughts towards productive people, it will also increase your desire to learn from those amazing people, delete negative competition, and strengthen your relationships from the core instead of rejecting them unconsciously. You become who you spend most of your time with, so choose your friends wisely. People who think they know it all will never feel comfortable with people who can really teach them, but only people that lack. 

STOP: Please only continue to read the next paragraph if you don't believe you know it all and willing to learn another way to thrive in 2017...

If you already created your vision board, wrote out your goals, or told others what you will like to do - please know you are heading in the right direction. YES!!! This is great because these tools will help you dream and build your faith. The key is to add action steps to your faith, because a proven verse in the Bible inform us "...Faith without works is dead" (James 2:26). Now that you know a great way to stimulate your faith, learn another way to stimulate and MAINTAIN your determination, drive, support system, and consistence in order to accomplish your goal. 

https://www.amazon.com/Feed-Your-Faith-Crush-Doubts/dp/1522782281InwardCore FIX have a great tool to help you with maintaining and stimulating these action steps written by Dr. Nancia Leath, LPC NCC CPCS, entitled "Feed Your Faith & Crush Your Doubts."  A workbook for anyone who needs help with staying on track in order to accomplish their goals. This workbook will also provide the user with action steps in order to help push through his/her doubts and increase their faith/hope. 

Let her know how this workbook helped you at nancia.leath@inwardcorehealthcare.com!

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